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As Utah's House District 10 Representative, Rosemary Lesser has dedicated herself to delivering tangible results through bipartisan collaboration. With a commitment to serving her constituents and finding common ground, Rosemary has championed initiatives that make a real difference in our communities.

Sponsored Legislation


H.B. 28 - Emergency Responder Voting Amendments 

H.B. 41 - Health Data Authority Amendments

H.B. 65 - Active Transportation and Canal Trail Amendments

H.B. 361 - Nursing Education Program Amendments 

H.B. 462 - Employee Compensation Amendments 

H.B. 468 - Student Health Amendments 


H.B. 84 - Postpartum Medicaid Coverage Amendments  

H.B. 85 - Pregnancy Medicaid Coverage Amendments

H.B. 137 - State Crustacean Designation

H.B 172 - Food Sales Tax Modifications 

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Co-Sponsored Legislation


H.B. 192 - Local Education Agency Employee Paid Leave (Rep. Ballard) 

H.B. 251 - Post-retirement Re-employment Restrictions Amendments (Rep. Gwynn)

H.B. 324 - Disability Services Amendments (Rep. Lund)

H.B. 66 - Property Tax Relief Amendments (Rep. Lyman) 

H.B. 406 - Firearms Financial Transaction Amendments (Rep. Maloy)

H.B. 404 - Public Entity Restrictions (Rep. Pierucci)

H.B. 516 - State Land Purchase Amendments (Rep. Pierucci)

H.B. 228 - Public Employee Leave Amendments (Rep. Thurston)

H.B. 562 - Utah Fairpark Area Investment and Restoration District (Rep. Wilcox)



Rep. Rosemary Lesser has demonstrated her commitment to our communities by securing over two million dollars through appropriations that she sponsored or facilitated. These funds have been instrumental in supporting crucial initiatives and organizations across Utah's House District 10: 


Seager Memorial Clinic ($750K)

Recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare, Rosemary secured funding for Seager Memorial Clinic, a vital resource for the underinsured and uninsured in Ogden. This investment ensures that all residents have access to quality medical care, regardless of their financial circumstances.

United Way of Northern Utah ($700K)

Rosemary's support for the United Way of Northern Utah has enabled the development of the Nonprofit Connection, expanding the capabilities of nonprofits in our region. This funding empowers organizations to better serve our communities and address pressing social challenges.

Weber State University - Walker's Institute ($225K)

Rosemary facilitated funding for Weber State University's Walker's Institute to support their Vote Certification program. This initiative provides essential training in best practices for county election officials, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of our electoral process.

YCC's Transitional Housing Initiative

In 2023, Rosemary played a pivotal role in facilitating funding for YCC's transitional housing initiative. This support has helped provide stable housing solutions for individuals and families in need, empowering them to rebuild their lives and pursue brighter futures.

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